Founded in 2014, GoodWood, a New Orleans-based design and build firm specializing in custom furniture and architectural fabrication, stands by its mission to sustainably create beautiful pieces and timeless designs, having been recognized by multiple industry leaders for best practices.

Our Team

Our team is the cornerstone of the company. With an intense attention to detail, quality, and collaboration, the GoodWood team works together to bring projects from concept to completion. We strive everyday to commit ourselves to producing high quality furniture that is well designed and long lasting. Our varied skill-sets and life experiences allow us to design, build, and install projects of any size with the dedication, courtesy, and appreciation that is unrivaled in our industry. We love our team!

Jordan Gurren Rose
Michael Dalle Molle
Thomas Edick
Studio Director
Jamie Joyner
Assistant Studio Director
Peter Genova
Metalworking Manager
Craig Borello
Finishing Manager
Lazer Kotowich-Downes
Studio Assistant
Jack Trefethen
JJ Gilmore
Operations Manager
Mike Killeen
Small Goods Manager

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Sustainability means more than being environmentally conscious; to us, sustainability includes connecting with those in the community, using and reusing materials that can be replenished naturally, and building a business that bolsters the local economy.


GoodWood is committed to the New Orleans community. As a local company, we have a unique responsibility as well as a vested interest in advancing both the people and environment around us. GoodWood’s founders take this mission to heart and it has shown through their actions. In an effort to inspire others to embrace handmade goods, GoodWood launched woodworking workshops that teach the basics of tools and building to those who may be interested. Building upon the insight that working with your hands can enrich the mind, GoodWood has also partnered with the Neurorestorative Clinic of Louisiana to develop a woodworking therapy curriculum for brain trauma patients. GoodWood has also partnered with SOUL (Sustaining Our Urban Landscape) to start the “Building the Canopy” initiative. This collective of builders, makers, designers, and artists who have an average or above average wood consumption in their professional lives has banded together to help offset their industry’s tree consumption. Members can donate money, sponsor trees, or volunteer their time to plant, with a mission to plant 1,000 trees locally by 2025.

community: truck carrying trees


Our use of local, reclaimed, and reused materials is the most obvious display of our environmental sustainability. During any project, GoodWood works with each client to understand the purpose and mission of the vision. We determine which materials would best fulfill their needs, while keeping in mind the most beautiful and environmentally friendly materials for each project. In Louisiana, we are lucky enough to have these materials on hand and easily accessible. Most notably, there is an abundance of sinker cypress and reclaimed pine, both beautiful and versatile species of trees that add character to any piece. We recycle all of our scraps, both wood and metal, and we hardly throw anything away, because we can always find a use for it in another build.


Building a sustainable business means working within your city to build a sustainable economy. GoodWood hires local, skilled workers, works with local clients, and sources materials from local vendors. Over 80% of all materials and consumables are purchased locally, far more than the industry average. Since GoodWood’s inception, we have injected over $2 million back into the local economy. Below is a map highlighting the local vendors that GoodWood has partnered with over the years.

GoodWood is a design+build firm that creates functional, artistic furniture in any medium. We take a human-centered approach to custom design and fabrication. Working with GoodWood is not just an investment in furniture — it is an investment in a collaboartive relationship.

The three steps of our process are: Discovery, Design, and Fabrication.


Every project starts with understanding the client’s goals. We bring you to our studio or travel onsite to your location and give you a free consultation to discuss your needs. Each approach we offer is customized so that we can determine the “why” behind each need and solve a specific problem you may have.


Once we understand the goals of the project, assess the space, and establish parameters, we begin designing each element that’s needed. As a full-service design+build firm, we enable our clients to have a hands-off approach that leaves them with peace of mind. Our designers draft drawings and renderings of each piece of furniture, outlining both the fine details as well as the overall of theme of the project.


Once the drafts are approved by the client, the fabrication process begins. GoodWood employs a full-time staff of local builders and designers who use their skills, artistic abilities, and knowledge to bring every project to life. Not only can we work on each project from draft to completion, but we are also experienced in partnering with subcontracted vendors or designers a client may have. Each project has a strict set of needs, as outlined by the client. We work with each customer to ensure that both their design and financial needs are met over the course of a project.

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