Sustainability means more than being environmentally conscious; to us, sustainability includes connecting with those in the community, using and reusing materials that can be replenished naturally, and building a business that bolsters the local economy.


New Orleans is our home, and we are committed to bettering our community. We have a responsibility as well as a vested interest in advancing both the people and environment around us. We are passionate about partnering with other businesses and non-profit organizations in our area to continually enhance our community for the collective benefit of the people of New Orleans.

S.O.U.L.: In 2017, GoodWood joined an initiative called Building the Canopy with S.O.U.L, a local non-profit organization committed to reforesting New Orleans. Annually, trees are planted throughout the Greater New Orleans area to offset our use of lumber.

Son of a Saint: The Small Goods team partnered with Son of a Saint to create custom trays that were created for Son of a Saint donors. In addition, a group of boys and their mentors received hands-on experience in the GoodWood shop by assisting with the completion of these one-of-a-kind gifts.

LA Green Corp: GoodWood works with LA Green Corp as an internship partner to give career building opportunities for people aspiring to improve their lives and our community.

Lifecity: GoodWood works with Lifecity to increase the company’s sustainability efforts and track it’s progress to make New Orleans a greener and more equitable city. In 2019, GoodWood was recognized as “Best In Show” at the Love Your City awards for its consistent dedication to prioritizing sustainable development.

Local Cooling Farms: Woodworking produces a lot of sawdust! GoodWood partners with Local Cooling Farms to donate the company’s large volume of sawdust for use in the operation of the farm.

The Green Project: GoodWood donates excess materials and sawdust to The Green Project for their team to recycle, repurpose and reuse in their warehouse.

COVID-19 Response: During the COVID-19 crisis, the entire Goodwood team and facility pivoted to the production of PPE for local hospitals. The shift filled a critical void and allowed Goodwood and other local companies to continue to work during trying times. The company produced more than 100,000 face shields for local hospitals.


Our use of local, reclaimed, and reused materials is the most obvious display of our commitment to environmental sustainability. During each project, GoodWood works with each client to determine which materials would best fulfill their needs, while keeping in mind the most beautiful and environmentally friendly materials available. We recycle all of our scraps, and we rarely throw anything away because we can always find another use for it. In addition, the company is on track to becoming a zero-waste studio by 2025 without compromising the quality or functionality of its work. This is not only unique for a furniture studio, but it is something the entire team is passionate about. Some ways GoodWood works toward meeting this goal include donating sawdust to local farmers and material scraps to local recycling firms. Finally, to ensure as little waste as possible, GoodWood uses all scrap materials to produce pieces for the Small Goods line, which consists of unique, handcrafted home decor. To browse our collection, please visit the Shop tab.


Building a sustainable business means working within your city to build a sustainable economy. GoodWood hires local, skilled workers, works with local clients, and sources materials from local vendors. Over 80% of all materials and consumables are purchased locally, far more than the industry average. Since GoodWood’s inception, we have injected over $2 million back into the local economy. Below is a map highlighting the local vendors that GoodWood has partnered with over the years.

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