10 years to 10 million

Here you are. You made it. 

Of all the billions of pages on the internet – here. you. are.

Thanks for coming by, however you found us. 

It means a lot that you stumbled upon us and I hope you enjoy what this GoodWood blog will become. I’m just trying to have fun and take you guys along for the ride. This blog is in its earliest stages of conception so bear with me as we figure out how to best communicate our story. This is literally the first one and I don’t have any more written. I just needed to get the first one done.

Let’s get to the reason you’re here. It took me nearly 10 years to produce $10,000,000 worth of custom furniture and architectural millwork. Will it take another 10 years to do another 10 million? I think not, and I want to bring you along for the ride. 

I feel like there’s a piece of our story at GoodWood Nola that the world just isn’t getting to see. 

It’s the nitty gritty behind the scenes, the ups and downs of navigating the small business landscape, and the personal journey intertwined with every piece we’ve created. With this blog, I want to show you how our family runs this business, the exciting projects (past, present, and future), and the strategic growth we are working on – we’ll get to that in a bit.

I’m Jordan Rose, the owner and co-founder of GoodWood Nola, nestled in the vibrant heart of New Orleans, LA. For nearly a decade, we’ve poured our hearts into crafting custom pieces that are not just raw materials assembled into functional works of art, but stories being told through design and relationships built on trust and collaboration. It’s been an exhilarating journey, literally turning clients’ dreams into reality, and believe it or not, we’re just getting started.


Reaching the milestone of hitting $10,000,000 has been a monumental achievement for us. This journey wasn’t just about producing the work; it was about the support from you—our community. Together, we made 100,000 face shields during covid, planted hundreds of trees in our neighborhoods, and supported countless local small businesses along the way. To those of you who’ve been with us from the start, witnessing our growth and cheering us on, it means the world. And to those who’ve just discovered us, welcome aboard. I promise this is going to be a fun ride.

The core of GoodWood Nola isn’t just about the wood and the work; it’s about my family. You’ll be seeing a lot of my wife, Maggie, and our daughters, Mary Claire and Lottie. We are so grateful to have built lives with the flexibility that owning a business provides. But it’s not these lovely little things like flexibility that keep us up at night! The trials and tribulations of trying to grow a business and a family are tough. Through this blog, I’m going to share more about the journey that got our family here, the dynamic of our family business, and what the next moves are. (hint) 

As for this blog, it’s brimming with potential. From behind-the-scenes glimpses into our projects, deep dives into the craftsmanship and processes that go into each piece, to stories of inspiration and innovation, there’s so much I want to share. And I want this to be a two-way street. I’m keeping the lines open for your questions, suggestions, and ideas. What are you curious about? What stories do you want to hear? What type of content do you actually want to see? 

Please note, while I’m writing the bulk of our blog posts, we’re also embracing AI to help us articulate our thoughts and ideas effectively as well as fact-check and brainstorm ideas. Rest assured, I’ll be transparent about the posts that incorporate AI-generated content. I will openly let you know that AI helped me get this post worked up in half the time. You see, sometimes the words don’t quite come out the way I intend so a little AI polishing is helpful. If that’s not for you, totally cool and I get it. I love all things tech, AI, 3D printing, digital fab labs so expect some of that too.

Here’s some AI generate goodness for you lol

I also have a bad habit of getting excited about a new project and then not following through on it. Thank you, ADHD! So, I’ll do my absolute best to keep this blog active, and if you want more – just bug me for it! I’ll get back on here

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Let’s keep building together.

~Jordan Rose

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